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Heart Hole Punch

$25.00 SGD

The office romances, the flirting at the photocopier, the disciplinary action after the Christmas party®Õ For a place so fraught with love and lust the office is quite a dull place to look at - corporate sponsored mugs, tastefully chosen comedy calendar and passive aggressive notes about borrowing other peoples stationery all add up to ruin the romance of a day at work. Luckily for your love life (or for your love of filing at least) we've come up with something to put the passion back into your paperwork - our Heart Hole Punch is a classically styled metal hole punch which punches 2 heart shaped holes instead of round ones. The only hint to its secret is the subtle heart shaped centre point. Who says romance can't be understated. You even end up with heart shaped confetti at the end! Ideal to sprinkle around the photocopier when you-know-who will be there®Õ

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Material Mild Steel
Dimensions 108mm x 40mm x 60mm
Color Red
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Ships Within 7-14 working days
Ships To Worldwide
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The Planet Collection only sells and ship authentic products.