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The Planet Collection's First Pop Up Event! April 13 2015

I am ready, my friends are ready, your friends are ready, are YOU ready?
The Planet Collection's first pop up is coming your way!

Items to expect? Hmm.. maybe a little witty, scratchy and arty? 

An Introduction to Planet March 19 2015

The most important thing first, The Planet Collection welcomes you! *applause*

At the Planet Collection, it's our responsibility to make the widest range of designer products accessible to everyone. Your accessibility to good design is our priority. When comfort meets creativity, home is where the style is.

Planet is a one-stop shop for all the witty and unique. Preparing for a gift? Kitchenware shopping for your new home? Planning to go stylish and fashionable? Wanting to be the best party host this season? Setting up your office’s new desktop? You can get everything you want and need at Planet.

Planet works day and night to bring you all the famous brands from all over the world. Settling for the norm is just too boring. We go for the attention grabbing.

“Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement.”

To serve everyone better, Planet’s mission is to embrace more young and innovative designs. Planet welcomes all to subscribe to our newsletter in order to get the latest updates on our upcoming goodies.

Saw our header yet? GREAT NEWS: The Planet Collection's 15% storewide sales from 20 March (Friday) to 25 March (Wed)! Don’t miss it!