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Bosom Buddies

$19.90 SGD

Always misplacing your drink? Don’t feel like a boob. Just let one of our lovely ladies help lay claim to your cocktail with our Bosom Buddies Drink Markers! This gaggle of girlies are each sporting a different colored bathing-suit, as well as their names on their bikini-bottoms, to help you set you straight, when you're seeing double.

  • Set of 6 sunbathing bikini-clad babe drink markers
  • Names: Ginger, Sassy, Lacey, Candice, Kelly, Crystal
  • Prop one these gals on the side of your glass to claim it as you own
  • Each blonde bombshell measures approximately 2 inches long
  • Perfect for a fun day/night of drinking with your breast friends!

The perfect accoutrement for bachelor parties, guy's nights, pool parties, beach parties, cruises, picnics or anytime the drinks are plenty! A fun vacation themed gift, these gals make the perfect date for drinking adventures!

Set of 6 female figure drink markers. Red, orange, yellow, teal, blue, pink. Each marker measures 2.2 inches long. Party-goers are sure to get a kick out of Bosom Buddies Drink Markers! A fun gift for the newly christened man cave.

The Planet Collection only sells and ship authentic products.