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Lequint Preserved Flowers| Everlasting Rose - ROSY RED ROSE IN WHITE BOX

$79.00 SGD $169.00 SGD

The "LEQUINT" Rose Floral Box is the perfect gift to surprise your significant other with! This floral box is made from real flowers that have been preserved, maintaining a completely natural and fresh appearance.

These flowers will never wilt, just like your love for that someone special.Placed in a frosted diamond cut heart-shaped box, this divine floral box makes a great gift for special occasions such as Valentine's Day, anniversary and even proposal!

  • Keep the flowers in a cool and dry condition (<35°C)
  • Avoid direct sunlight and direct expose to spot/strong lightingAvoid contact with water.Do not touch the flower

Note: If you need to clean the dust, you can use a hair dryer with a low speed cold wind to blow from a moderate distance.In case of accidentally wet your flowers, just leave it dry by keeping the flowers overnight in an air-conditional room, it will back to its dry state.
The Planet Collection only sells and ship authentic products.