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Bubblegum Game - Name The Emoticon Game (Music)

$15.00 SGD

Name the Emoticon - Music Edition is an emoji pop music quiz. Pictures are assembled in various combinations to represent singers, bands, songs and more from the glamorous world of musical entertainment. It’s an emoji quiz-music quiz mashup!

To play this musical quiz, players take it in turns to study each card and work out the musical meaning behind the emojis.

Take a look at this one… 🕺 👸. Is it a song? Is it an artist? Or is it a musical genre? It’s your call. Like most music quizzes, this one does require a bit of specialist knowledge. But, if you worked out the one above, you’ll do just fine. Like Bob Marley said, “everything’s gonna be alright”.

When you answer correctly, you get to keep the corresponding card as a way of keeping score. Total your cards at the end and if you’ve got the most, that makes you the winner.

Congratulations, you’re an emoji musical mogul. Name the Emoticon - Music Edition is a simple and fun emoji game for people who love music quizzes.

Key Features

- Represents 56 terms from the world of music

- Artists, songs and musical vocabulary

- Look closely and crack the emoji code to win points

- Collect the most cards to win the game

- It’s a music quiz with a difference

The Planet Collection only sells and ship authentic products.