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Bubblegum Game - Houseplant Care Tags

$15.00 SGD

Houseplant Care Tags make indoor plant care easy. They contain all the information you need to keep your domestic jungle looking lush all year round. Puzzled about how often to water houseplants?

Look no further. Wondering about the most suitable indoor plant growing light? Of course, we’ve got you covered. Need the latest tips in prayer plant care? We’ve got your back on that one, too. Made from 100% recycled paper, you can insert these handy indoor gardening gadgets into the soil right next to your houseplant.

All you’ve gotta do is follow the instructions, on light, temperature, watering and feeding - you’ll never lose another parlour palm to overwatering! Let’s face it, we’re not all pro plant parents that can keep our indoor plants happy all year round.

Whether it’s money plant care, umbrella plant care or elephant’s ear plant care, the Houseplant Care Tags contain clear, concise and easy to follow instructions, regardless of your experience level.


Indoor plant care made easy

Key Features

- Tags for 30 different plant species

- Includes flowering plants, ferns and succulents

- Tells you how to care for indoor plants

- Including watering, feeding and light

- Never lose another houseplant to overwatering

The Planet Collection only sells and ship authentic products.