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Bubblegum Game - JOMO card game

$28.00 SGD

JOMO: The Joy Of Missing Out. Fed up with having to attend events that you hate? Would you rather stay in and TikTok, update your Instagram stories or watch Netflix? Well then, this is the adult party game for you.

Simply find the funniest excuses to get out of life’s most mundane moments. It’s really that simple. JOMO is a card game like Cards Against Humanity. Only you’re tasked with providing funny, obscene or downright offensive excuses.

For example: Sorry, I can’t come to your baby’s gender reveal party… … I’m celebrating Hanukkah with Mel Gibson. … I don’t want to touch a poor person. … I’m sleeping off a spit-roast. This is a funny game to play with friends.

Play it with your colleagues and you’re pushing your luck. Play it with your parents and you’re asking for trouble. We say this because this game is jam-packed with obscene excuses, toilet humour and X-rated filth.

It even gives bad taste a bad name. Seriously, even we were surprised at how dark it got. So, whether you’re after something new for a games night or looking for the perfect drinking game at your next house party, this one is sure to induce fits of semi-nervous laughter.

A game of obscene excuses

Key Features - 100 tedious scenarios, 200 obscene excuses - “Sorry, I can’t come to your baby gender reveal party…” - Pick the funniest/craziest/most brutal excuse - it’s your call - Win the most cards to win the game

Players: 4+

Ages: 18+

Contents: 300 cards + 1 instructions booklet

The Planet Collection only sells and ship authentic products.